Blog Post 2 – Online Fundraising Ideas

Published 9th February 2021

Blog Post 2 – Online Fundraising Ideas

Online Fundraising Ideas. 

It’s not easy to fundraise during a national pandemic, but here at The EBA, we have been thinking of creative and fun ways to fundraise online. 

Take a look at our list below for some of our ideas!

Amazon Smile  🛍

This is an easy way to donate money directly to The EBA when doing your online shopping on Amazon. Simply chose The EBA as your chosen charity on Amazon Smile. It’s that easy! 

To find out how to set this up click here. 

Celebration 🎉

Is it your birthday or anniversary? Do you have another celebration coming up that will be affected by this lock-down? 

Why not set up a JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving page and ask for donations to The EBA this year instead. 

Charity clear out 👚

There’s nothing better than a big purge of your unworn clothes. Gather together your items and host an online sale, with proceeds going to The EBA. 

Coffee fundraising

Hold a virtual coffee morning with your friends and family – catch up over a cup of tea or coffee, and help support The EBA at the same time!

Charge an entry fee and have fun baking some treats that you can enjoy all to yourself from the comfort of your sofa. 

Dance challenge 💃

Put on those dancing shoes and do a danceathon at home. 

Pick a time, get your playlist ready and keep dancing! 

Why not get the whole family involved? 

Get sponsored, post pictures and videos online or you could even stream the whole thing live!

Donate your commute 🚂

With a lot of people now working from home, the money usually spent on travel is now being saved. 

Why not donate what you would be spending each month to The EBA instead? 

easyfundraising 🛒

This is a simple way to raise money for The EBA whilst you do your normal online shopping!

Sign up (for free) and select The EBA as your chosen charity. 

Then shop as normal via the website or the app. Once you make a purchase the retailer will make a small donation to your chosen charity. Simple!

Exercise 🏃‍♀️

Exercise is key to keeping your mental wellbeing on track. 

Why not take on a personal challenge to run / cycle / walk a particular distance. 

You could do this on your own or be part of a bigger event such as the ‘Walk the distance’ or ‘Push for prems’, where participants take part on the same day but remotely. 

Make sure whatever it is you do, you maintain social distancing at all times and follow the current guidelines set out by the government. 

Games Day: Scrabble, Chess, Trivial Pursuit… 🎲

With trips to the pub a no-go at the moment, why not spend your evenings a little differently and hold a marathon board game tournament! 

Host over zoom and have people pay to play. It seems crazy but it is possible to play a lot of board games, even if you’re not physically in the same room!

Host a Crafternoon 🧶

Gather up a crowd and offer an afternoon of crafts over zoom. 

Perhaps you’re great at embroidery? Well, why not host a class to teach friends and family how to do it. 

There are plenty of cheap craft kits available online so everyone can join in. 

Charge a fee to participate and donate the proceeds to The EBA. 

Lead a class in yoga, dance or aerobics 🧘

Why not set up a weekly class over zoom and charge participants a small fee. 

Classes in yoga, dance or aerobics will lift spirits and keep everyone’s well-being in check!

Lockdown Hairdressers 💇

With access to hairdressers being limited this year, why not try a radical new hairstyle at the fate of your Dad’s clippers? 

Set up a fundraising page and set a target to be raised. Once reached, why not live stream the big event!

Masks 😷

If you’re a dab hand at sewing, why not hand make masks and donate the proceeds from each sale. 

Murder Mystery 🕵

This is a super fun idea and is a great opportunity to dress up!

There are plenty of online murder mystery packs available to buy online and that you can then host over zoom. 

Assign your friends to their characters and enjoy an evening of fun and laughter whilst raising money at the same time!

Online gig 🎸

If you’re the next Lewis Capaldi, why not set up your own online gig. 

Set up a fundraising page and ask for donations whilst you live stream your gig. 

Painting 🎨

If you’re a whiz with a paintbrush, why not offer to provide commission-based paintings and donate the proceeds to The EBA. 

Quiz 💡

Hosting a weekly quiz with family and friends is a great way to check-in with each other and enjoy flexing your brain muscles at the same time. 

Decide on an entry fee for each team and raise money for The EBA. 

Raffle 🎟

Set up a raffle between family and friends. Ask everyone to donate an item and then charge per raffle ticket. 

Everyone wins a prize and at the same time, you raise money from the raffle tickets sold!

SHHHHH! It’s all so quiet 🤫

Why not try 24 hours without talking!? You could nominate a family member to document the time via videos uploaded to FB or even stream moments live. 

Set up a fundraising page and ask people to donate!

Upcycle 🪑

Do you have some worn-out items that are in need of some TLC? Why not upcycle them and then sell them online, donating the proceeds to The EBA. 

Virtual book club 📚

Startup a monthly book club with friends and family and charge people a small fee to participate. 

This is a great way to socialise, albeit online, and a good tool for self-care!

Wine and cheese evening 🍷 🧀

Organise an evening with family and friends and enjoy some fancy wine and cheese. 

Ask each person to donate to partake and enjoy an evening together over zoom. 

If you would like to raise money for The EBA please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!

All donations received go directly to supporting babies, families and staff in Neonatal Care at the Trevor Mann Baby Unit at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, and the Special Care Baby Unit at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

The EBA is registered on Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving. You can donate directly to us via either of these or you can set up your own fundraising page. 

Need help in setting up a fundraising page? 

See below for a step-by-step guide 😊

How to set up a Just Giving Page. 

How to set up a Virgin Money Giving page 

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The Early Birth Association are registered on Virgin Money Giving,
where you are able to make a donation directly to us and set up your
own fundraising page for any events that you do.

The Early Birth Association are registered with JustGiving.
You can donate directly to us and also develop your own webpage for raising
funds for us for any sponsored events that you’d like to do.


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