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Every donation is gratefully received and helps us to continue our essential work.
You can donate through JustGiving

There are many quick, easy and fun ways you can support us now with the work we do for our local neonatal units. Please also check our News page for current fundraising campaigns and events.

By doing your shopping

By making a one off or regular donation

By having fun and joining us at one of our events or running your own for us!

By getting sporty

By supporting us in your workplace or business

By buying, selling and wearing our charity wristbands

By fundraising through your local community group or club

By buying some bright and beautiful sunflowers!

By taking our teddy Trevor on your travels

By purchasing our mascot - EBA Bear!

By volunteering for us

By buying a copy of 'My Very Little Sister and the Very Big Story - siblings support book

The Early Birth Association are registered on Virgin Money Giving,
where you are able to make a donation directly to us and set up your
own fundraising page for any events that you do.

The Early Birth Association are registered with JustGiving.
You can donate directly to us and also develop your own webpage for raising
funds for us for any sponsored events that you’d like to do.


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