We have put together stories of some of the babies who have been looked after on TMBU/PRH and the baby's of some of our committee members and previous committee members. Please feel free to contact us if your baby has been treated on the units and you'd like their story to be featured on our website or social media.

We have also collected stories from some of the staff on the units which can be read further down the page.

Forrest -


This is the baby story for Forrest, our committee member Heidi’s son.

When Forrest was born, he wasn’t breathing, was completely unresponsive, lifeless and blue in colour. He was immediately ambulanced to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where, after an incredible 30 minutes of trying, staff successfully managed to resuscitate him. He was given a 50/50 chance of survival and only a 1/8 chance of not suffering from any brain damage. Forrest’s consultant spoke to us about a new treatment, the ‘cooling technique’ where a baby’s body temperature is reduced to a hypothermic state over a 3 day period, giving the brain time to slow down and repair cells more easily before being ‘warmed up’ again. It was a really difficult time and we felt completely helpless, staying by his incubator, unable to even touch him but incredibly Forrest made a full recovery. Even the consultants were amazed at how positively he responded.  Forrest is now a very happy, healthy, funny, loving, thoughtful boy. We cannot thank the Trevor Mann Baby Unit enough for saving his life. They are a phenomenal team and without their expert care and attention, he wouldn’t be here. We are so incredibly grateful and owe them everything.



You would never know...

Here is a short video about the incredible work of The Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton, East Sussex.

The Trevor Mann Baby Unit Is a specialist unit caring for premature and sick babies following their birth. The unit has twenty seven cots, nine of which are designated intensive care, eight for high dependency and the remaining ten for special care. Some babies may stay on the unit for only a day, others may be there for many months.

The local health authorities of East Sussex, Brighton & Hove and West Sussex pay for the service provided. However, high quality medical and nursing treatment is very expensive and donations are essential to help buy additional equipment.

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