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The Early Birth Association was formed on the 20th May 1983 with the help and advice of a Consultant Paediatrician who was aware of the need to offer practical help and support to parents going through an extremely difficult time when their babies are in hospital. To this day we are pleased to continue to be there for the families and their babies along with the staff on the units. We are all volunteers and are parents, family and friends of babies that were cared for on the units. We joined The EBA as a way of showing our appreciation for the care our babies received, and to help the families and babies who need the units now and in the future. We are always excited to hear from new supporters and members so please get in touch.

You can find out more about our EBA Committee Members below. We can be contacted through the contact form online, or through the Units.

Fiona Prior -

Fiona Prior

I had my daughter Wren in March 2018, 12 weeks early. She was transferred to TMBU at four weeks old in an emergency for life saving treatment and surgery. She was on the unit for 10 weeks.

We spent those 10 weeks living in the Ronald McDonald House as we lived an hour away and therefore allowing me to be on the unit with Wren all day, every day. This meant I got to know the staff and unit very well. They not only saved Wren with such incredible professionalism and compassion, but they also supported me more than I would have ever had expected. I made friendships in such a traumatic environment, with staff and parents, which I continue to value. What the unit does and who they are is truly remarkable and I will be forever grateful.

I wanted to be part of the EBA, to help support a unit that I feel indebted to and help other parents that I feel I can relate to, as well as raising awareness along the way.

The Early Birth Association are registered on Virgin Money Giving,
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The Early Birth Association are registered with JustGiving.
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