Kangaroo Care International Awareness Day 2022! 🦘💛

Published 15th May 2022

Kangaroo Care International Awareness Day 2022! 🦘💛

It is Kangaroo Care International Awareness Day 2022!

Kangaroo care is a technique of newborn care where babies are kept chest-to-chest and skin-to-skin with a parent. This is especially important for babies in TMBU and SCBU at PRH.
Benefits of kangaroo care include:
🦘Stabilisation of the babies’ heart rate.
🦘Improved (more regular) breathing pattern.
🦘Improved oxygen saturation levels.
🦘Gain in sleep time.
🦘More rapid weight gain.
🦘Decreased crying.

In our photo are two of our committee members, Zoe and Olivia, doing Kangaroo care with their babies. 💛

We would like to share two personal experiences of kangaroo care with you:

Olivia, a mummy of twins who spent time on TMBU tells us her experience of kangaroo care:

“Being able to hold your newborn baby is one of the things which most parents take for granted. But for parents to babies in neonatal units, it is not a given. 

I was not able to hold my newborn twins until they were two weeks old, due to them being so fragile – with one already recovering from major surgery. During this time, I often felt like a bit of a spare part. The nurses knew exactly what to do with my babies, and I was clueless! But the team at TMBU really helped me understand that my voice, smell and touch were completely irreplicable to my babies. Being finally able to provide my babies with kangaroo care was so special, as it was a time that they really felt like mine and that we could start to bond. As a twin mum, it was doubly special when I got to hold them both together and they could interact with each other too- life in an incubator must have felt so strange to them without their brother squidged in next to them!

My boys loved cuddles and it wasn’t long until my confidence increased to touch them without permission, or even attempt to take them out of their incubators myself (once they were a bit stronger). 

I am eternally grateful to the nurses who helped facilitate kangaroo care when it was all a bit daunting. Now my boys are 19 months old and thriving – there is still nothing better than when they want a cuddle with Mummy.” 💛

Sarah, a mummy with a baby currently on TMBU would like to share her experiences with us:

“Isaac was born at 26+4 weeks and after a difficult start to his journey, he was stable enough to start kangaroo care when he was 4 weeks old.
We were supported by our nurses to independently get Isaac in and out of his incubator ourselves. This meant Isaac was much more relaxed coming out for kangaroo care and was able to settle into cuddles really quickly. It also helped us feel involved in his care and really take ownership of the kangaroo care process.
We have all benefitted so much from daily kangaroo care, which has really helped our bonding and Isaac’s development.”💛

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