Story on Sunday – Jackie Fry

Published 5th December 2021

Story on Sunday – Jackie Fry

Today’s Story on Sunday is from Jackie Fry, who has been a Nursery Nurse on TMBU for an incredible 44 years and worked with Dr Trevor Mann himself! 🥰

Here is Jackie’s story in her own words:
“Since l was a little girl, l knew that l wanted to work with babies or children. l was the oldest in my family with lots of sisters and brothers to look after. When l left school l started to do my Nursery Nurse training and was lucky to have a placement for 2 weeks on level 12, at the RSCH. I loved it and was very excited to be offered a job.

So in September 1977, l started on level 12, and part of my job was to escort mum’s up to the Trevor Mann Baby Unit to see their babies. l was in awe of all these beautiful little and some big babies who had to decided to come into this world a little early. l knew then that this was where l wanted to be, so after 44 years ❤ here l still am, and l can honestly say that I absolutely love my job.

So many wonderful families that l have had the pleasure to care and look after, and to say that l have been part of such a wonderful journey of a little person’s life, to watch them get stronger and stronger so that they can go home. Helping and supporting parents with all the new challenges that they may face. Helping them with feeding, teaching them how to be confident enough so that they can take their precious baby home.

This is why l love being part of this wonderful family and why l love being a nursery nurse on the Trevor Mann Baby Unit. I don’t think l could ever leave.” ❤️❤️

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jackie, and all the wonderful work you have done on TMBU over the years – true dedication.

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