Photo Competition!

Published 2nd October 2021

Photo Competition!

Has your baby been cared for in a neonatal unit in England or Wales? Enter a photo competition! 💛

The National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) is looking for photographs that tell a story about your baby’s care on the neonatal unit. They’d also like a caption that describes the picture, the aspect of your baby’s care it shows and what it means to you.

The deadline for entry is Friday 15 October 2021.
After the deadline, at least one photo per category will be selected to used within NNAP reports. They will also select one photo from all entries to be used on the front cover of the NNAP national reports. These selected entries may also be used in other NNAP promotional materials or as part of future publications.

Please follow this link for a competition entry form and full details of the categories of photos required.

We would love to see some TMBU and PRH SCBU babies entered! 💛

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