Push for Prems – June 27th 2021!

Published 24th April 2021

Push for Prems – June 27th 2021!

The EBA are supporting the annual Push for Prems sponsored walk  – fundraising for TMBU. Please follow them on social media and read more below from their Facebook post:

“PLEASE SHARE. Hey folks whose joining us this year for our 10,000 steps at home on June 27th? We raised thousands last year despite the pandemic, let’s see if we can do it again!! Why not comment below if your taking part by telling us why this cause means so much to you. Many of you know my story but for those that don’t…My journey with the Trevor Mann Baby Unit started nearly 13 years ago. I went into premature labour with my precious girl Ezma. I was 23 weeks and she was born weighing 1lb 6oz. She lived for just under an hour. The team did everything they could for her but sadly she was just too small and too poorly for this world. The following year I was back again, this time with my little man. I went into premature labour at 24 weeks and Ciwan (pronounced Jivarn – it means ‘young life’) was born weighing 1lb 9oz. We were in intensive care for 6 weeks, ventilated for 6 weeks, he had sepsis, jaundice, NEC, a collapsed lung, laser eye surgery to prevent him from going blind and double hernia op. On oxygen for 5 months. In the care of Brighton’s Trevor Mann baby unit for 5 months. He’s now a very cheeky nearly 12 year old and I’m just so grateful to have him. The amazing staff there are beyond committed and they perform miracles every day. The money we raise helps to make it become an exceptional unit. Please help us during these challenging times – why not join us? Why not donate? Why not share this post? Thank you so much – love Catherine. ”  FOR MORE INFO & TO DONATE”

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