What we do Wednesday! Baby wearing on the neonatal unit’ project

Published 19th January 2022

What we do Wednesday! Baby wearing on the neonatal unit’ project

What we do Wednesday! 💫

We are so pleased to be able to fund a very special new project for the units. 💛 Katie Sweeney, a Special Care Band 6 nurse , tells us below what The EBA funding her ‘baby wearing on the neonatal unit’ project has meant to her. 💞

“I’m Katie and I work in special care at TMBU as one of the senior nurses. Having the support of the EBA has meant so so much to me! The EBA have funded my ‘baby wearing on the neonatal unit’ project and we will soon be ready to start offering baby wearing to support the amazing families we work with. Baby wearing has become a really important bonding experience for parents in recent years and many other baby units have seen the massive shift in parental wellness due to the positive experience baby wearing brings to their parenting journey. Supporting this from the very start is our aim and my vision is to be able to offer baby wearing to all families across all three nurseries! This will enable better and longer skin to skin and increase breastfeeding uptake! Huge huge thank you to the EBA for making this possible! This project will benefit so many families and I’m so excited to see what the future holds! Here are pics of me and some of the ‘weighted demo babies’ I will use to show parents and to train staff.”

Thank you for sending us the photos Katie, we are so happy we are able to support this new initiative. 💛

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