Fundraising Friday – 24 hour relay challenge!

Published 28th January 2022

Fundraising Friday – 24 hour relay challenge!

Fundraising Friday! A family run gym in Crawley, Specialist Performance Personal Training, have put together a 24 hour challenge for their members to raise money for The EBA! Members are taking part in a 24 hour Prowler Relay, starting at Midday on Saturday 12th February and finish on Sunday at Midday. Beth, who runs the business with her Husband Sean were helped by The EBA when their son was in hospital.

Beth says:

“The EBA is a charity that we will be forever grateful for. Sonny was born in February 2021 6 weeks early. At 8 minutes old he stopped breathing and was resuscitated. Sonny’s lungs had not inflated properly and he could not get any oxygen which meant he was put onto a machine that was breathing for him.

Sonny spent 14 days in intensive care and he moved to special care when he was more stable. He was on a variety of machines that were helping him and they became our safety blanket when we were sat by him.

The Early Birth Association raise money to help parents and babies in SCBU. The machines that kept Sonny alive are donated and paid for by funds that the charity has raised. The kitchen is stocked up every day with tea, coffee and food for the parents to help themselves so that they can eat and drink and not leave the ward.

They are a charity you never expect to need but if you do they are absolutely amazing and deserve all the recognition and donations possible.
To anyone who takes part or donates I am truly grateful….Lets do this prowler challenge.”

Thank you so much to Beth and Sean for your kind words and setting up this fundraising challenge for your gym members! We think it’s a brilliant idea for a fundraiser. We are so pleased to hear we helped when Sonny was in hospital and an amazing amount has been raised already on the Justgiving Page to help us to continue to support babies and families.

A big thank you to Chris Brightmore, Senior Coach Community Manager from SPPT, who contacted us and is also arranging this event.

To find out more and visit the Justgiving Page please click on

The Early Birth Association are registered on Virgin Money Giving,
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The Early Birth Association are registered with JustGiving.
You can donate directly to us and also develop your own webpage for raising
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