Story on Sunday

Published 7th November 2021

Story on Sunday

This evening’s Story on Sunday comes from Frances, a nurse in the Trevor Mann Baby Unit. 💛
“I have been a general nurse since I graduated in the Philippines. I have travelled to different places in the world too and have been nursing practically all my life since graduating back home. Since I arrived in the UK, I have worked in as a neonatal nurse. It was a bit scary at first, but I really enjoy doing this job. It is a challenging career, but so rewarding. Being in the nursing profession, this question always pops up, “how can you do your job looking after such tiny babies?” Being a neonatal nurse is full of surprises, and the babies can sometimes change how they are very quickly. Being a neonatal nurse is such a rewarding career, where you’re not only taking care of the baby, but the whole family, your colleagues and all the agencies involved in the babies care. The most rewarding times are when a baby in your care gets better and you are part of their journey from the moment they come to the unit until when they are discharged. I have never regretted being involved in the care of neonates. Hopefully more nursers will be encouraged and get involved in the profession because it is the most rewarding profession anyone could do.” 💕💕
Thank you for sharing your story with us Frances and for all the care you give the babies and families on the unit.

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