International Nurses Day – Your Help Wanted Please!

Published 6th May 2021

International Nurses Day – Your Help Wanted Please!

On Wednesday 12th May its International Nurses Day. This day is a global celebration that acknowledges and celebrates the commitment and bravery of nurses around the world. The event is coordinated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) to ensure that the invaluable contributions of nurses to the health of people globally are recognised. This year’s celebration is made all the more special as 2021 has been marked as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife as it’s the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

The EBA Committee thought it would be nice to let the incredible nurses at TMBU and PRH SCBU know how much they mean to those of us who have had baby’s on the units. Part of our charity mission is to support the staff so that they can do the best job possible for babies and families.

So we need your help! Please send us any short messages or comments for the nurses about the work they do on the units. We will then pass this feedback onto staff to uplift them after working through a particularly difficult time with the pandemic. Please keep your comments/messages short (3-4 sentences at most) so that its possible for us to collate and present these to them.  Feel free to message or email us at  Please get your comments to us by 11am on Saturday 8th May.

Also please note we will save these comments in a secure place according to our GDPR policy for  use in the future on our website/social media/publicity materials in order to highlight the impact of our work on the people we support. If you’d like to opt out of this and only comment for use in International Nurses Day please let us know when you contact us.

Thank you!

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