Blog 6 – Funding a vital piece of medical kit – Cerebral Function Monitor

Published 11th April 2021

Blog 6 – Funding a vital piece of medical kit – Cerebral Function Monitor

Thanks to your fundraising and support, The EBA has recently funded an additional Cerebral Function Monitoring Machine (CFM for short) for the Trevor Mann Baby Unit!
For newborn babies who are suffering from neurological conditions such as seizures or birth
asphyxia, this machine monitors their brain function. By funding the additional CFM machine, we have enabled the staff of the TMBU to be able to promptly assess and treat brain injury in newborn babies more effectively and it enables babies to receive vital neuroprotective cooling treatments.


Our Committee Member Julie’s son Samuel needed close monitoring using a CFM whilst he was in Nursery One battling Meningitis and Encephalitis. Julie says she found it reassuring (although it was a bit distressing seeing lots of wires on her baby’s scalp) to know Samuel was being closely and continuously monitored for seizures whilst he was on the CFM. The photo shows the wires from the machine coming out from underneath Samuel’s ventilator bonnet.  Knowing Samuel was on the CFM gave her the peace of mind that the TMBU staff could intervene straight away to help him and treat any more seizures when they occurred.

Committee member and Co-Chair Heidi’s son Forrest received treatment after he was born not breathing and unresponsive. Forrest was treated with the ‘cooling technique’ where a baby’s body temperature is reduced to a hypothermic state over three days, giving the brain time to slow down and repair cells more easily before being ‘warmed up’ again. It was during this treatment, a CFM machine was used to monitor Forrest. Incredibly, Forrest made a full recovery and is now a happy, healthy teenager.

It just shows what a huge difference your fundraising makes and the money you raise helps to save the lives of so many premature and poorly babies.

So, here’s a big THANK YOU to you all, and let’s keep fundraising!

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