Gary Peters – Raising funds with a 150 mile run for his three boys.

Published 24th February 2021

Gary Peters – Raising funds with a 150 mile run for his three boys.

We have been contacted by Gary Peters, Dad to three little boys all of whom needed care in the neonatal units, to inform us he has decided to run 150miles from 1/3/2021 to the 31/3/2021 to raise funds for The EBA. In his words, Gary says:

“I’m doing this for my three beautiful boys that I bought into the world. My first was Archie Peters that needed time in NICU but sadly passed away a few days after birth but he has kept me strong and has given me the willpower to keep going in life. My second boy is Frankie Peters who was born at 33 weeks, spent a rough month in NICU but now a thriving three year old and he is my little side kick. My third is Louie Peters who was recently born at 35 weeks, he was in NICU for 17 days who needed additional support as well and is just the most happiest boy.

I couldn’t of done this without the support of the Charities, Doctors, Staff and everyone that works in the neonatal. My three boys needed their help and they gave everything they could. So here I am now giving something back to them as a thank you for helping me, my children and my family.

My little first born Archie was born 2013. With huge complications with the birth and his mother, he ended up being extremely unwell. He was moved to the nearest unit that to care for his need. Days went past and he wasn’t getting any better so we decided to room in all together and let him pass peacefully in my arms. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The day he was born it was snowing,the day he passed away it was snowing and the day we laid him to rest it was snowing. I think we can truly say that snow isn’t just a flake it’s my son spreading his love around us.

Next there was Frankie born at 33weeks weighing a tiny 3lb11oz. A super quick spontaneous labour and was rushed off so we didn’t see him for ages. The most scariest time was not knowing if your baby was still alive across the corridors. He was very poorly when he was born and even though he is a thriving 3 year old he still has to go through different treatments,admission and ongoing test. Neve realise a human so small could be so strong.

We then had Louie (our lockdown baby) Born at 35 weeks weighing 4lb14 and what a run he gave us. During the pregnancy there was problems after problems. Baby was struggling to grow and mummy was struggling to glow. They decided it’s best to have a csection because it would have been risky going through a natural birth with so many problems. We got to see his beautiful face for a few minute before he was taken to neonatal. He was only in for a few weeks but it felt a lifetime. With the rules during a lockdown it was so hard to visit him. Now he has caught up,no health problems, always smiling. Just a pure joy! ”

If you’d like to donate to Gary’s JustGiving Page please follow the link.

A big thank you to Gary for raising funds for us, and for sharing his story of his three beautiful boys.

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