Chris Sheehan’s 50K walk fundraiser

Published 10th February 2021

Chris Sheehan’s 50K walk fundraiser

A huge thank you to the wonderful Chris Sheehan for yet another fundraiser for us here at the EBA! A 50k walk carrying a 20kg Army Bergen completed in one day and raising a WHOPPING £1805 so far. If you’d like to donate please visit Chris’s JustGiving page.

Here are Chris’s words about his challenge –

“50k completed. Apologies for only just posting, but I took last night to recover. 9 hours and 7minutes 50k 20kg army Bergen. £1780 raised!! + £350 in gift aid. A massive thank you to everyone for your support!!

So yesterday started at 7 in the morning at Seaford. Starting with attacking Seaford Head and down into Cuckmere. Then up and over the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head. This was the one part I wasn’t looking forward to at all. The wind was easterly all day and that also brought rain. The ground over Beachy head was extremely slippy and I did actually fall twice. Battling the wind up there was hard and draining. I then came down into Eastbourne and was a massive relief to get off the hills. My brother Pete met me and we walked along the seafront together. This was a massive boost for me and lifted my mood driving me on. I was also joined by Laura Curchin who walked some distance with me as well and again, helping lift my energy. Everyone departed at Pevensay bay and I really needed to switch on and focus on what was in store for me next. Anyone that has done anything long distance will know that alone feeling in the middle of nowhere and how that can really effect your performance. I barely saw anyone till I got to Bexhill seafront.

The next part of my journey was where the pain started to kick in. Hips, knees, shins, feet, shoulders were all starting to really shout at me to stop. Any slight incline or step was a struggle but I was not going to stop. Focusing on just getting one foot in front of the other and keeping that rhythm. Coming to the end of Bexhill is when the tiredness was really starting to take its toll on me. I could feel my emotions changing constantly, one minute fired up and pushing through, the next receiving messages and voice notes from people sending me in to tears.

Coming into Hastings I was really starting to lag, the shear pain in my legs and every part of my body telling me enough was enough, but it wasn’t enough for me, I still had more in the tank because I was still upright. I could see the finish line faintly in the distance and with every step I told myslef I was that bit closer. I then received a voice note from Charlie telling me he loved me and saying “you can do this dad” was all I needed knowing they were at the finish waiting for me.

Checking in for the last time on Facebook I could see them waiting for me and as soon as close enough they ran and gave me a massive cuddle and it was done. When getting to the car, after stopping I pretty much went into shock. Firstly I thought I was just cold but actually I couldn’t stop my body from shaking and cramping. After managing to warm up and slowly gain control it really started to sink in what I just done.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has donated, sent messages of support and encouragement and generally taken time out to watch the videos and read the messages. It will never go unnoticed or be forgotten. I appreciate every single one of you.

And finally, thank you to Brook. Without you, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. This was for you my
little superhero. I hope I done you proud just a fraction of how proud I am of you

Keep watching, the adventures don’t stop here and training for the next goal starts tomorrow……..



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