Blog Post 4 – Tilly’s Sunflowers 2021 launch

Published 21st February 2021

Blog Post 4 – Tilly’s Sunflowers 2021 launch

Tilly’s Sunflowers 2021 Spring Launch 

The start of springtime marks the 2021 launch for Tilly’s Sunflowers. 🌻

Founded in 2016, in memory of committee member Jemma Robert’s daughter Tilly, Tilly’s grow your own sunflower kits are sold in the springtime each year, with the money raised donated to The EBA. 

We were able to catch Jemma in between this years preparations to talk to us more about the story behind Tilly’s Sunflowers and what to expect as spring approaches!

Over to you Jemma! 

Hi, I’m Jemma and I’m Tilly’s Mummy. I’m married to Andi and we have a little boy Jasper, who keeps us very busy and entertained! 

I’m a trustee of The Early Birth Association and raising funds for the charity has been a huge passion of mine since Tilly passed away in 2015. 

We’ve completed a number of fundraising events for the charity and I have no plans to stop anytime soon! 

What’s the story behind Tilly’s Sunflowers? 

A close friend of mine, Amber, came to me and Andi in 2016, a few months after Tilly passed away and said she had an idea to remember Tilly but also to raise money for The EBA. 

Amber told us she was nervous about asking us, but when she did we were so excited about the thought of selling Tilly’s Sunflowers kits. We thought it was the perfect thing to celebrate Tilly’s life and keep her memory alive. 

Amber sold the kits for a couple of years, then handed over to me a few years ago and since the launch, we’ve raised about £5,000 for The EBA and Southampton PICU. 

What are you preparing for the 2021 launch? 

I’ve had a great amount of support for 2021 – a colleague and friend of mine has been working hard in putting together a grow and care guide for the kits and we’ve had generous donations from small local businesses and friends, which means we can raise even more money for The EBA. 

I’ve been ordering boxes & boxes of items for the kits and will be roping in favours from friends and family to help put them together during lockdown – it’ll definitely keep them busy! 

I’ve also got another couple of items that we are adding to the collection this year to sell, so keep an eye on our pages for more info on these!

Where can we find you? 

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

You can also contact me via Facebook messenger or by email 

Instagram: @tillys_sunflowers

Facebook: /tillyssunflowers

Thank you Jemma!

What a wonderful way to keep Tilly’s memory alive as well as raising vital funds for The EBA 💛

If you would like to purchase your own sunflower growing kit then please visit Tilly’s Sunflowers Facebook page. 

The EBA would like to give a big THANK YOU to Jemma and her family for their dedicated and ongoing support to The EBA. 

Their fundraising has made a huge difference to the families, babies and nurses on the Trevor Mann Baby Unit and Special Care Baby Unit, for which we are ever so grateful. 

We can’t wait to see those sunflowers bloom! 🌻 💛


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