Million Metre May Update

Published 24th May 2020

Million Metre May Update

Here is a little update on Adam Cattell ‘s fundraising for us 💛
Adam came up with Million Metre May. His plan is to use this exercise bike at home to ride 1000Km throughout the month of May.
Thanks Adam and Phil, keep up the great work.

‘I just wanted to give a little update/thankyou on behalf of Phil and I and the EBA. At the time of writing this, Haywards Heath Golf Club members have donated a whopping £920 which, when you include Gift Aid (as that’s what The EBA will actually receive) is £1,125. Please see below a quote from an email I received from one of the EBA members:
“This couldn’t come at a better time as all our big events have been cancelled. This year fundraising will be a much bigger issue and the units greatly need our help at the moment.”
This just shows how important every pound we raise is to them right now.
Phil & I have been offered a very generous incentive scheme from one of the members which will result in a payment on the 31st May depending on Kilometres covered – so watch this space. If anyone else feels like that seems like a good idea, then please get in touch!
In terms of progress, Phil is definitely cheating. He must have figured out a way to connect his lawnmower to the pedals because he has started like a train whereas I, have not. When I thought up this grand idea, I had never actually been on a Peloton bike as mine hadn’t been delivered. On the day it was delivered I developed benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) which meant that I was continually dizzy for days on end and was prone to randomly being sick or falling over without warning. I thought it best not to get on the bike at that point but then I felt much better on Thursday 30th April. I woke up on 1st May full of excitement and motivation but after about 7 minutes on the bike, that all changed. I knew it was going to be hard, but it was really hard.
I weighed myself on the morning of 1st May and was coming in at a rather svelte 264 pounds. I’ve been heavier before, but I have always been able to deal with it because, although it’s a lot of weight, it’s dispersed through my size 11 feet into my comfy trainers. Have you ever seen the size of a racing seat?! Oh. My. God. I was in agony. I managed about 25km and then had to stop. On the Saturday I went for it again, and no matter how much I moved about in the seat I was in so much pain. I was desperate to find some comfort. The seconds ticking by on the 45min class countdown clock were going much slower than time is meant to go by. I needed a distraction to comfort myself.
I looked over to the chair right next to the bike and there was our little cat Maisie, curled up in a ball in her little fluffy bed. I looked at her as her chest moved up and down, each time followed by a little purr. While still peddling, I gently reached over to her, pushed her onto the floor and grabbed her little bed and blanket and tried to wedge it under me to try and provide some kind of padding. I just made it through. On Sunday I couldn’t bear it and drank heavily instead to numb the pain.
The Monday brought an Amazon delivery of a big gel seat, two pairs of padded cycling shorts and a little something called Chamois Butt’r (look it up) . I started back again, and I think I am now developing what a cycling friend of mine explained to me was ‘cyclist’s bum’ and it’s getting a bit easier.
If you haven’t donated yet and can spare a bit, please see:
Thank you again,
Adam & Phil’

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