The EBA is funding The Wishing Well Music for Health programme – bringing therapeutic live music for wellbeing to TMBU and PRH SCBU

Published 22nd January 2020

The EBA is funding The Wishing Well Music for Health programme – bringing therapeutic live music for wellbeing to TMBU and PRH SCBU

After a successful pilot project, The EBA is very happy to announce that we are now fully funding The Wishing Well Music for Health programme for musicians to play live music within the special care and high dependency nurseries at TMBU and at PRH. The music is played to lead into quiet time offering an opportunity for parents and babies to bond and benefit from the therapeutic sound. The musicians aim to create a softer clinical environment that supports well-being of both the babies and the parents/carers on the units.  Jo and Bela are the musicians who visit the units regularly, TMBU on a Thursday and PRH SCBU on a Friday.

Jo has told us,

“The feedback has been really positive from parents – we continue to be very mindful about respecting privacy and space. In some visits we are playing for the unit as a whole and in others, we are interacting directly with families and singing with them – we are very much guided by how each unit feels on each visit and work accordingly. We move between instrumental music, songs and improvisation so that there is a good range of music for people to listen to.

We have had some really lovely moments with parents requesting certain songs and singing with us and also playing on some of the tuned percussion that we take along with us. Amidst lots of general thanks and smiles, a few comments that we have collected include;

‘It’s like he’s having his own private recital!’ – from a Mum who came into the unit to find us crouched down playing Brahms Lullaby to her baby, on cello and accordion.

‘You sounded so amazing in there – beautiful voices. It made me think about how that was the first time my son has ever heard live music – thank you so much. You should come every day’ – from a Dad we met in the lift on the way down from TMBU

‘You can see he is listening to you – thank you!’ – From a Mum at TMBU who then filmed us playing music to her son so that her husband could hear us too.

When parents aren’t around we check the cots and incubators to see if anyone is awake and then play music for them. If we can catch babies in that “quiet alert” state then we can really offer some good, gentle stimulation. Again, we are very mindful to not over stimulate them – the interactions often end with them falling asleep.

The staff have made us feel incredibly welcome and we have had lots of comments from them on much the music has helped them to feel less stressed.”

Rachel, one of the Neonatal Nurses from TMBU, also gave us this wonderful feedback on having Wishing Well visit the unit when she’s working,

“I loved it when Wishing Well came into Nursery Two. As a nurse on a busy neonatal unit it is amazing to see the impact that the Wishing Well ladies have on our unit. Instead of machines beeping and talking the nurseries are filled with calming, gentle and soothing music. You can instantly see the babies benefitting. They appear calmer and seem to sleep better. You can see parents swaying or gently singing in time to the music. You even see staff joining in as they work! The ladies create a really lovely, peaceful environment which everybody benefits from. Thank you so much!”

To find out more about Wishing Well please have a look on their website

All of us at The EBA would like to thank all of our fundraisers and people who make donations as it’s so amazing to be able to offer funding for such a unique and innovative project on the neonatal units that is clearly making such a positive difference.





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